Paul Yates in Birmingham on 21/06/22

Paul Yates will speak on a topic that’s hugely significant to very many people in current times. Debt and credit has been out of control for too many years but is exploding lately, as more and more impositions are applied to society by the wheels of capitalism as it tightens it’s grip on the economic sector.

Paul has spent many years studying contract law, and specifically, how it applies to credit and finance arrangements, and what can be done to rein in the now runaway banking sector.

His book, ‘The Title is Unimportant’ details an extraordinary new take on what ‘most people’ understand as being the process of obtaining credit. It explodes many myths and outright untruths about the operations of credit facilities and leads the reader into an understanding of just how far the banking sector has left the tracks. The banks are breaking their own rules every day and we continue to pay the cost, several times over.

The process outlined in the book has been extracted from banking and contract law and teaches how anyone can easily get themselves out of debt without paying a penny to the creditors by utilising existing legislation that was specifically created to mitigate the private banking sector from doing exactly what it has been doing for years. If ‘we’ don’t correct it, then who will? A few correctly stated reminders are sufficient to push back this rogue industry and free anyone from debt.

This system has been used for nearly twenty years and the results speak for themselves presenting in the form of very many cancelled debts. This system also provides a durable platform for ‘rinsing’ credit cards, where multiples of cards can be used to their limit and simply discarded once ‘full’, at which point the ‘user’ begins the simple process to have their balances cancelled.

Paul doesn’t describe himself as a ‘speaker’ but can, when the situation requires, convey the essence of this huge topic well enough to engage a deep curiosity to read the book and begin the process of freeing ourselves from the unfair banking imposition.

As he will tell you, this is already your money and the banks are the last way for us to access it. Will you leave it on the table and walk away?

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