Allegedly Dave in Birmingham on 15/02/22

Bodycentric Health In this presentation, you will learn how Medicine was taken over and replaced with “The Medical System”, a system of slow poisoning that suppresses symptoms while causing others so that you remain a life-long customer of the Pharmaceutical Corporations. The Bodycentric Health approach teaches how to listen to your body and respond appropriately …

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Mark Devlin in Birmingham on 07/12/21

  THE DARK HEART OF THE BBC As their lies, mind manipulations and propaganda continue unabated, more and more are becoming aware of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s role in brainwashing the general public, and entraining them in how to think about past, present and future events. In this presentation, author and researcher Mark Devlin will …

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Nicholas Kollerstrom in Birmingham on 09/11/21

The Gunpowder Plot –  England’s Original State-Fabricated Terror Event.  .. which screwed up the Catholics and Assured the new Scottish King James of his position.