Jason Liosatos in Birmingham on 29/03/22

Jason is an author, his book is The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings, and he has a talk show called Project Humanity, he is also an artist and has an art gallery in Totnes Devon. Jason will talk and inspire us about the exciting evolutionary crossroads we stand at as humanity, and the exciting opportunity …

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Kali Spell in Birmingham on 15/03/22

‘Status, Juris-diction and Banking- Spirit IS Remedy.’

Terry Boardman in Birmingham on 01/03/22

Light at the end of the tunnel? This time now and beyond this time. Some think that after the nightmare of the Covid-19 plandemic, the resistance and the truth-telling has been so great that the whole system under which we live is about to collapse, ushering in a bright new society filled with peace and …

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