Andy Thomas in Birmingham on 27/09/22

The New Heretics: Polarisation, Conspiracies and Freedom Presented by Andy Thomas Andy’s latest book The New Heretics highlights serious issues with the way freedom of expression and choice is being destroyed by an establishment that seems to believe suppression actually changes people’s minds – when it doesn’t. The pandemic and the many different polarised responses to it, along with other …

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No Truthjuice Birmingham on 30/08/22

There will be no Truthjuice Birmingham on 30th August 2022, but feel free to get together in our absence. The next talk will be on Tuesday 13th September, talk details to follow, and we look forward to seeing you then.

Clive De Carle in Birmingham on 16/08/22

Tonight Clive will be speaking about the lost technologies, from the 19th century and why they are as relevant or more relevant now, than they were then.  Clive shall also speak about the latest breakthroughs in mental health and the latest understanding on how to repair your mind and body no matter the issue ( within …

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