Chris Coverdale in Birmingham on 26/03/24

Road to Freedom talk Focusing on practical realistic solutions to our current problems – in particular by taking back our power and control by engaging in / setting up Lawful Tax Rebellion, Taxpayers Trusts and Multi-stakeholder Co-operatives.

Heiko Khoo in Birmingham on 12/03/24

Marxism is it a problem or a solution? The ideas of Karl Marx have played a central role in politics and society for nearly 180 years Claims and counter claims are made about Marxism which is cast as a dystopian dogma by some and a path to human liberation by others. Heiko Khoo will provide …

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Omari “on” Warwickshire in Birmingham on 27/02/24

The struggle together, for a lasting profound and spiritual freedom: This involves using the keys of self-discovery and the releasing of billions of pounds of compensation, Financial Prosperity and Freedom for All, by reconveyancing our status on the English Land and Soil Jurisdiction.” With Omari “on” Warwickshire, from TECA, The English County Assembly.