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Open Mic Night in Birmingham on 07/06/22

Tonight will be an Open Mic Night and an opportunity to catch up with friends and listen to talks. Talk slots are around 20-30 minutes so feel free to have the mic, if you have a topic you would like to speak about either let Claire or Andy know or email us at: We …

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Dani Arnold McKenny in Birmingham on 24/05/22

Dani Arnold McKenny is an independent journalist and researcher, the author of Removing the Shackles & UnFuckers Unite websites, host of the UnFuckIt Discussion & the Lost Art of Living, creator of Gaea’s Garden Natural Skin Care & Supplements, and an un-schooling mom of 4 crazy kids and two rather large dogs. Dani has been …

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Paul Yates in Birmingham on 21/06/22

Paul Yates will speak on a topic that’s hugely significant to very many people in current times. Debt and credit has been out of control for too many years but is exploding lately, as more and more impositions are applied to society by the wheels of capitalism as it tightens it’s grip on the economic …

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