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Gloria Moss PhD FCIPD in Birmingham on 02/07/24

The Big Secret connecting the Great Fire of London, the Great Plague and Present Day events Einstein advised us to ‘Question Everything’ and so join us for a talk in which so much of what you have been taught about history disappears under scrutiny.   Is it true that the Great Fire started in Pudding Lane, …

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Stephen Denman in Birmingham on 04/06/24

  The civilisation of Hyperborea has always been seen as a narrative from Greek Mythology. However, there are numerous stories from Sami Folklore or Laplander Folklore and Turkic Folklore, that confirms the fact that Hyperborea did indeed exist in the Arctic North Polar Region and Northern Russia. Even though Western Science does not acknowledge that …

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Cassie and Rich in Birmingham on 18/06/24

Emf protection and water purification pioneers at Oraphim are world renowned Artists, they produce uniquely stunning pendants and pyramids and so much more. Visit them to learn the secrets behind this curious quantum carbon and experience it’s activation. They provide practical, personal, powerful and proven, top-tips & life changing testimonials to guide, inspire and support your journey through changing times, …

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