TruthJuice Channels : Click on the links below to view speaker talk videos on our YouTube channels

TruthJuice Birmingham YouTube channel

TruthJuice Leicester YouTube channel

TruthJuice Bristol YouTube channel

TruthJuice Films

TruthJuice Liverpool talk video’s courtesy of Starfire Alternity

TruthJuice Liverpool talk video’s courtesy of Nethy02


Alternative Channels : Please also have a look at some of our favourite channels

Miles Johnston

21st Century Politix (UK Freeman Channel)

The Anti Terrorist (knock yourself out with this guy!)

Mr Astrotheology (Santos Bonacci….nuff said!)

Twisted Water Starter (John Byde’s channel)

CGImaging (Sacred Geometry)

overunitydotcom (free energy)

Barbarian Rebellion (for things NWO!)

Ben Thejrporter (Ben Emlyn Jones)

Thomas Sheridan

Alliance For Natural Health (Robert Verkerk)

Biology of Belief (Bruce Lipton)

Free The Planet TV

Hawkkey Davis Channel (UFOS, Illuminati, Weather Anomolies)

There is GOOD out there (extraterrestrial)

The Life Beyond Earth (UFO Disclosure)

Dark Sky Watcher 74 (UFO Disclosure)

TruthJuice Architect (Health)

NuoVisoCom (GeoPolitics)


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    About Occultist Russell Brand
    Would you like to know what Russell Brand’s circle and an X logo means? See here
    Theres more…….
    What does he really know? Thanks for watching and being awake.

    • Paul SAINTHOUSE on August 1, 2013 at 10:20 am
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