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David Graham in Birmingham on 26/04/22

  ‘Past Life Regression: Exploring Who You Are’ Past life regression explores our experiences within our previous lives. It is a way to bring a focus to our soul journey, moving in and out of these lives, accumulating experiences, knowledge and ultimately wisdom. This talk explores the phenomenon and what the value of recalling these …

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Thomas Janak in Birmingham on 10/05/22

Mankind has looked to the stars seemingly forever for guidance and in astrology we look at alignments and traits the planets have and what our sign can tell us about opportunities. Tonight we will explore why gazing at the stars isn’t weird at all

Heiko Khoo in Birmingham on 12/04/22

  Systems, tools, conflict and liberation. Heiko Khoo will speak on four major themes: capitalism and socialism, science and technology, freedom and democracy, and war and peace. He will draw on recent events and history in an attempt to understand, explain how we got there and forecast where we are heading. He will suggest that …

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