Dani Arnold McKenny in Birmingham on 24/05/22

Dani Arnold McKenny is an independent journalist and researcher, the author of Removing the Shackles & UnFuckers Unite websites, host of the UnFuckIt Discussion & the Lost Art of Living, creator of Gaea’s Garden Natural Skin Care & Supplements, and an un-schooling mom of 4 crazy kids and two rather large dogs.

Dani has been involved in grassroots movements in natural health, and working to create & support communities for almost 20 years. Her primary topics that she discussed is Being Prepared (yes, she’s a prepper! lol), Government & corporate financial fraud, Solar Physics and the effects of geomagnetic and plasma events on human biology,  and “everything you’ve ever been taught is a lie”.

Former Canadian military medic Dani will delve into prepper type topics, but with information that people don’t necessarily get from “prepper” type talks.  The talk will focus more on “why” more than the actual how-to’s of being prepared

Dani is also an avid gardener and forager and regularly takes groups out to learn the basics.


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