David Graham in Birmingham on 26/04/22


‘Past Life Regression: Exploring Who You Are’

Past life regression explores our experiences within our previous lives. It is a way to bring a focus to our soul journey, moving in and out of these lives, accumulating experiences, knowledge and ultimately wisdom.

This talk explores the phenomenon and what the value of recalling these experiences may be for a person and how those experiences can be significant for us now.

There will be time for questions and discussion.

Hope to see you there

David has been a regression therapist since 2007 focussing on past life therapeutic work with clients and a personal interest in soul journeys. He served as President of EARTh (an international association of regression therapists) from 2015-18 and has written articles and conducted research studies on their behalf

David Graham

Regression Therapist Dip R.Th.

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