Allegedly Dave in Birmingham on 15/02/22

Bodycentric Health

In this presentation, you will learn how Medicine was taken over and replaced with “The Medical System”, a system of slow poisoning that suppresses symptoms while causing others so that you remain a life-long customer of the Pharmaceutical Corporations. The Bodycentric Health approach teaches how to listen to your body and respond appropriately to it’s messages, and essentially get out of your body’s way and let it heal itself as it is designed to do. By following four simple steps, you will learn how to help your body to heal itself of virtually any so-called disease. Your body is not as badly designed as the Medical System would like you to believe.

Hi, I’m known as Allegedly Dave and I am just an ordinary bloke from Basildon in Essex who has had some pretty extraordinary things happen to him.

I experienced a mid-life crisis in 2005 and began a journey of self discovery culminating in a realisation that in order for any of this madness to change, I had to “Be the change that I wanted to see” and to me, that meant turning away from the system that is enslaving us, taking back responsibility for all aspects of my life, help my fellow man and hopefully inspire others by example.
So, I gave away my possessions, gave up working to help construct the means to our own slavery and ultimate destruction, gave up living in a house, gave up contributing to the slaughter of innocents abroad, gave up the “benefits” of the system, and now I travel around helping people and on the way discovering and sharing my findings about who we are, what we are capable of and how our universe works.

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