Piers Corbyn & Jeff Wyatt in Birmingham on 26/10/21









Jeff Wyatt was an activist from the early days of the anti-lockdown / plandemic movement. On May 16th 2020 Jeff was one the 19 protestors arrested at Speakers Corner Hyde Park, falling foul of the draconian Coronavirus 2020 regulations which the day following his arrest retired Supreme Court Judge Lord Johnathon Sumption called “draconian” in addition to opining that the UK had become a “police state”. Since then Jeff has faced 5 days in a Magistrate Court defending himself using a Common Law defence, meaning he has some direct personal experience to describe. Being a regular attendee of many demos nationally Jeff has managed to avoid arrest since and has spoken widely on the outrageous assault on our freedoms that is being perpetrated against the People in the name of a lie that is the so called “pandemic”

Piers is a very experienced campaigner, political activist and scientist whose leadership in crucial campaigns (e.g. Housing, Transport, Jobs, Student Rights, Climate Realism and defending rights against COVID-19) has achieved victories against all odds.    He was a Southwark Labour Councillor and part of London-wide regulatory bodies. He is an accomplished international scientist and runs  weatheraction.com long-range forecasters. He has lived in many parts of London for 55 years.

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