Martin Liedtke in Birmingham on 12/10/21

Knights Of The Truth_Tribe: MARTIN LIEDTKE’S second book> The Holy Grail of the Great Reset ‘Questions’

Oi, Oi, Wakey_Wakey! If you thought the first book, ‘The Holy Grail of our Flat Earth’ was a truckload of mind-blowing intel wait ’til you see the level of juice_age in this one. This blogger might be watching too much ‘Flat Earth British.’ I’m channeling the verb_age and dreaming in Welsh

“Martin Liedtka’s The Holy Grail of the Great Reset, asks if you’re awake. If you are, great! If not, he asks you to open your mind and think outside the box you’ve been stuck in for most of your life. Martin’s second book, asks questions about the accepted narrative and probes our historic timeline. But, rather than make statements that cannot be proven, Martin asks intelligent questions.

He delves deep into the cavernous lies that have been embedded in your mind as fact. With his experienced eye, Martin prizes open the subjects of art, architecture, war and religion, and many more, while he enquires about mankind’s ability to create and build such beauty, while, at the same time, destroy it with such wretched horror.

However, rather than doom-laden prophesies, which are a common theme among many books of this nature, Martin’s work is different. His work is different in that, the further he probes, the more you begin to question the narrative yourself.” BEWLEY BOOKS


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