Jason Liosatos in Birmingham on 29/03/22

Jason is an author, his book is The Emergency Transformation of Human Beings, and he has a talk show called Project Humanity, he is also an artist and has an art gallery in Totnes Devon.

Jason will talk and inspire us about the exciting evolutionary crossroads we stand at as humanity, and the exciting opportunity and huge responsibility we now all have, as the midwives and creators to birth and manifest new systems and societies into reality, no longer as a luxury but as a necessity, as our old system based on debt, slavery and fear predictably crumbles.  The change that we all want, and the system of freedom from debt, that we all desire is already manifesting, and as magnificent creators we will bring it forth into reality.

This is not something that is going to take place it is taking place and happening now.   There is a great revolution of consciousness and a beautiful harmony of awakening, a quickening, sweeping across the earth and through every courageous human heart, mind and soul.  We simply need to embrace that transformation and re member, re connect and become what we are,  Jason will talk about our great shamanic gifts which we all have and can all access and use to create a different reality inside us and around us to change and heal our own frequency and health and the frequency around us and outward affecting the whole world, which we can also use to change the past the present and the future.

Jason’s wife Louise Ashley will also speak about her exciting Living Project, Natural Earth Eco Living.

Louise is also a clothes designer, here is here eco clothing range

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