Heiko Khoo in Birmingham on 12/04/22


Systems, tools, conflict and liberation.

Heiko Khoo will speak on four major themes: capitalism and socialism, science and technology, freedom and democracy, and war and peace.
He will draw on recent events and history in an attempt to understand, explain how we got there and forecast where we are heading. He will suggest that although the trajectory of communication and computing technology has universal features and impacts, the conflict between classes and social systems remains at the centre of human destiny.

Heiko got involved in Marxist politics at 40 years ago. His focus has been on developing a critical understanding of “Communist” states by asking what are their contradictions and where are they heading?
He moved to East Germany before the Revolution of 1989 where he promoted an alternative vision of socialism based on freedom, democracy and accountability.
Heiko has spoken at Speakers Corner since 1985, he produced the Speakers’ Corner Radio show from 2003-2021, and from 2009-2020 he wrote an opinion column for China.org.cn – a leading Chinese government news website. His doctorate completed in 2018 is an analysis of the Chinese socio-economic system and its inner workings and contradictions.
Heiko has worked with Piers Corbyn over a period of 20 years. In early March 2020, Heiko promoted the idea of a 3-week shutdown.
He changed his view based on his understanding of the evidence and moved into active opposition to all coronavirus measures.
For his day job Heiko runs the Karl Marx walking tour in London.

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