Darren Deojee in Birmingham on 19/07/22

Ancestral Awakening : (alter)Native Medicine
If you’re not aware that most of the difficult stuff you carry isn’t fully ‘yours’, then this evening is for you.   It’s so easy to believe that our difficulties in the world ‘are all us’, as if the world was a ‘clean slate’ when we were born.   In truth, we were born into an ancestral soup – full of unresolved and unskillful energy, both within us in our bodies genetic code, and around us in the multi-generational patterns of behaviour and reaction that were re-imprinted again and again until such time as we had the awareness to ‘see it all for what it is’. Those times are surely upon us as we are able to discern things that were true mysteries to our ancestors, just as their skills and ways have become mysteries to us.…

Come for an ancestral connection, an ancestral awakening – which, when landed, brings such a sense of alrightness being in the world, and a strong, ever-present sense of ’not being alone’ as we face the intense issues of our modern world.  With it, comes a new perspective on our ‘deepest, oldest, most difficult ‘stuff’, which seems to be very around for lots of people these days!
On this evening, we will realign with our native ancestors, of our own lines and past, with a real grounded way of understanding why it is important, and why it is truly empowering to do so (in the real meaning of the word – you get/feel more power)….. And with it some powerful and simple ways to ‘get and stay connected’ and to find new ways of ‘letting go’ of that which we have no control of – both the baggage of the past, and the concerns of the now and future.

Even if you feel connected and alright about everything, come for another thread in the natural support available to us – each brings an anchor and strength that cannot be replaced by the others: the connections with each other bring such when healthy, the connection with ‘Spirit’ (in the broadest, highest sense), the connection with earth, and the connection with ancestors. 

Come for an evening of (alter)native medicine that can feel like it belongs to you, no matter where you are from.

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