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Lawrence Main-pic-630x250Ley Hunting and King Arthurs Camlan

Ley Hunting

Leys are alignments of sacred sites, often converging on a holy hill and linked to the sun or moon, e.g. aligned with sunrise at the summer solstice.

Our prehistoric ancestors recognised these lines of sight and marked them with our most ancient monuments, including standing stones and burial chambers.

Laurence aims to open your eyes to the living nature of the landscape and our need to respect the living land.

King Arthurs Camlan

The story of King Arthur has captured the imagination of people all over the world and throughout the centuries. Its very obscurity generates fascination.

Instead of a recorded monarch, Arthur is a hero from a lost golden age. Yet there was a real King Arthur…..

Camlan: King Arthur’s last battle:

Where was it fought and what is the evidence for this location?

Who were the combatants and who survived?

Where did Arthur die and where was he buried?

About Lawrence

Dowsing leys (spirit paths) and undertaking vision quests at sacred sites gives me an insight on our land as a Merlin.

This is a lonely and arduous path, so I may be unique within this Guild.

As the reincarnation of Derfel Gadarn, I am an authority on Camlan (King Arthur’s last battle).

I use and promote public transport.

Author of over 50 walking guides, I have a degree in history and education from Oxford University.

A full-time freelance writer, I also serve voluntarily with the Ramblers’ Association, on the Vegan Society Council, the Council of British Druid Orders and as Secretary of the Society of Ley Hunters.

I cover all of Wales and much of England.

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