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Tony Topping in Hull on 05/11/14

TRUTHJUICE HULL PRESENTS : TONY TOPPING : THE PARANORMAL IDENTITY   When Robert Ludlum wrote the spy novel The Bourne Identity he portrayed a man seeking his identity as to what happened too him through a labyrinth of,covert interests. Tony Topping equally seeks to know why events happened too him as he presents to conference …

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Exhibition of Healing and Complimentary Therapies

Event Details AAMARHealing & Healers & Therapists News are delighted to announce the 2014 Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies returns to Shrewsbury and take place on 2nd November at the Priory School. The Exhibition which has attracted hundreds of visitors in the past will be held in 3 of the schools largest rooms and …

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TruthJuice Gathering 2014 – Michael o’ Deira

Adventures in Organised Anarchy ~ a Rogue’s Progress The Rise of the Sovereign Individual and jumping the Citizen-ship “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe In a world of deceit and coercive consent, a truly functioning Man needs the vigilant protection of his ‘bullshit detector’. …

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