Rosslyn Falconer


In 1967 the course of my life changed, without my even realizing.  Just into my teens the “summer of love”  offered a tantalizing glimpse of a way of life very different from the  inner city hustle which had surrounded me all my life. In amongst all of the possibilities on offer that year  I discovered yoga & astrology.

I studied yoga with a number of different teachers,  I read everything I could find about astrology  and in both subjects I felt I was being reminded of  knowledge I already had.  My interest never waned,  but college, work, relationships, dealing with  all the “realities” of life,  meant that during my twenties my yoga practice was intermittent and I rarely had time to settle down to calculate astrological charts.

My Saturn return (age 28) got me back on track. I moved to North Wales in 1980 a move, in part, inspired by my desire to be able to study the stars  in a sky relatively free from light pollution.   In 1986  I was organising local adult education and found a wonderful yoga teacher, but before long  she moved away. I took on the classes until a “proper” teacher could be found.  I  am still teaching,  I cannot say which I find more rewarding, my personal practice or the practice I share with my students

I completed the Faculty of Astrological Studies Diploma course and have worked as a professional astrologer since 1990,   utilising astrology to help clients to cope with crisis and change, to develop greater insight and self understanding and to live in harmony with their own cycles of evolution.