Phil Medley


Phil is a drummer with over 35 years experience playing in rock/blues and jazz bands.

Ufo's and stargatesFollowing the harmonic convergence in 1987 he became engrossed in UFOlogy, crop circles and paranormal phenomenon.  He decided to train as a spiritual healer at the International School of  Awareness and later attained Reiki level 3 and Magnified Healing certificates.

In 1995 he had his first conscious contact with star beings and since then has observed over one hundred UFOs.  They guided him as an earth healer to travel around the globe working with star gates, vortexes and portals, embracing an ancient mission to raise the consciousness of the planet.  Part of this planetary healing involved spiritual release and the removal of entities and attachments.

He has worked with Jhadten Jewel, Ashayana, Chris Sell, Judy Goodman and beings of Arctaurus, Sirius, Pleiades and Andromeda in addition to the Elohim, Ashtar Command, Archangel Michael and Sananda to name a few.

As a result of his spiritual journey, the drumming has evolved into using drumming and sound to heal the planetary grids and energy balancing for groups and individuals through his workshops.  His talks are diverse and include Stargate missions, Ancient technology, Spirit entities and attachments, Healing the Emerald isles, and UFOs …the inside story.