Dave Murphy


Born in London and grew up in Essex, England began his career as an Animator, Graphic Designer, Portrait Artist then moved over to Computer Programming. In 1997 he was headhunted by an American Technical Consultancy Firm and subsequently emigrated to New York. While there he worked full time developing financial software for Wall Street firms and part time as a volunteer firefighter, taught Web Programming at Night School and was a Football Coach and a Lions Club Member.
On returning to England in late 2009, He continued his career in software design while trying to figure out a way not to.


After witnessing 9/11 at close range Dave began to wake up to the NWO agenda soon after. While researching he stumbled across Robert: Menard and was introduced to the Freeman concept.
On his return to England he fully embraced Freemanism and entered into Lawful Rebellion February 2010 after serving affidavits upon the Queen and ever since has been actively challenging the system over credit cards, council tax, utility bills, speeding/parking tickets, car de-registration and has attempted to be an active participant in the freeman community.

He also started the Freeman League website with the aim of gathering resources, information and likeminded individuals in order to establish a self sufficient community.




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Talks and subjects covered by DAVE STARBUCK.
Freeman on The Land

What is a Freeman on the Land? What is lawful rebellion? This talk is a basic look into the corporate/financial deception that enslaves us all and provides some strategies for dealing with tyrannical bureaucracies that seek to enslave us and milk us like cattle.
Money and Debt

What is money? Where does it come from? If every country is in debt where did all the money go?
This talk explores these questions, looks at how and why money is used to control you at an individual level and suggests ways to reduce one’s dependance on money.


Withholding money from Utility Companies

This talk will be explaining how we have been tricked into buying things that we already own and how the utility companies are generating massive profits from our ignorance.
It will cover in detail, the process of attacking the profits of these greedy corporations by discharging your bills without using money in a safe, risk free way.
Council Tax

Why are we paying council tax? In this talk we will be examining if council tax has any lawful basis and whether you are obliged to pay it.
We will look at many techniques to deal with Council Tax and how the various councils respond to challenges to their pretended authority.
Driving and Travelling

Are you a driver? Do you really own your vehicle? Is it actually a vehicle? In this talk we will look at the difference between driving and travelling and the grand deception behind an activity that most people take for granted. We will discuss what does and does not apply to you and why you need not have a driving licence, Registration, Tax, MOT or insurance


The New World Order

Why is the world the way it is? In this talk we re-examine world events in the context of plans hatched hundreds if not thousands of years ago by an elite bloodline that has always ruled this world and is on the cusp or realising it’s “Great Work” of ushering in the Fourth Reich, a socialist global dictatorship.

Telepathy and the Complete Human

A speculative exploration into the power of telepathy and the suppressed potential of the human mind. We will examine the nature of reality and our place and the inner workings of our interaction with the universe.
A Spiritual Journey

A story of a surprisingly spiritual expedition of an ordinary cog in the great consumerist machine who unexpectedly wakes up from his atheist, corporate consumer dreamstate and begins a journey toward adulthood and a new, startling view of the universe… oh and he discovers God’s name and address along the way.
Building Eco Communities

A practical discussion of the design and construction of self sufficient eco-villages encompassing the logistical, environmental and social considerations. This talk covers topics such as Food growth, power generation, water and waste recycling
Practical Free Energy

A workshop exploring practical methods of generating free energy, including explanations and real time demonstrations of Bedini Energisers, Radiant Energy Antenna, Static Electricity Generators and Earth Batteries
Cancer of the Mind

An in depth look at Cancer, the mainstreams view of it and what the cutting edge of medical science can offer to treat it. We will examine the alternative health communities view of how Cancer works, the blatantly suppressed natural remedies that may cure it, and why you are not allowed to know.
Alternative Health

A discussion of the aims and ultimate goals of the medical establishment, the rise of the pharmaceutical industry and their primary objective. We will then look at the causes of most illness and focus on four natural remedies and lifestyle changes which should ensure health and wellbeing.