Ian Moore – Interdimensional Wizard


Ian has been giving talks, Lectures and Demonstrations for over 30 years towards the creation of the new Civilisation from Emotions, Past lives, Spiritual stability and ability.

Ian Runs an International Wizard School for children established in 2004, with Parcels sent every month to children around the world The Electronic Wizards Apprenticeship www.kidstuff.co.uk

In recent years Ian has moved on from simply promoting Sustainable Societies and Renewable energies.

Ian runs workshops on a philosophy he calls ”Thexia’ which mean SOUL- OUT, the philosophy includes methods of mind and soul expansion with clear understandings that give a stable and disentangled perspective on a confused world.

Ian’s primary work is in bringing in the new Civilisation and a rapid increase in Telepathy,Remote viewing, funamental ability and delightful perspectives…

The Motto of Thexia is ”This time we made it’

Ian’s lecture tours and workshops can be booked online

Website here : Ian Moore

Ian also Researches and demonstrates Tesla energy,extraordinary devices and other Toys that any Interdimensional Wizard should have.

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