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Charles co-founded No CCTV in the autumn of 2007 – about the same time the government released their National CCTV Strategy. Originally set up in Oxford to campaign against surveillance cameras on the Cowley Road, No CCTV has expanded into a national/international campaign and information resource on surveillance issues. No CCTV hopes to launch a National Anti-CCTV Strategy in the coming months. The message that No CCTV wants to get out is that the spread of surveillance cameras is not unstoppable – it is being done by people and can be stopped by people.


Watching the Watchers – The Surveillance State Exposed

* What if all your assumptions about CCTV were wrong?
* What if you were told that surveillance cameras do not reduce crime – would you still be in favour of them?
* What if CCTV cameras caused the very problems they purport to prevent?
* Is there really a difference between soviet style roadside checkpoints and Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras?
* Did you know that the expansion of number plate cameras is part of a Home Office/ACPO agenda called Project Columbus?
* Are CCTV cameras against the very principles of the Common Law that has underpinned our society for hundreds of years?
* Did you know that the government released a National CCTV Strategy in 2007?

The coalition government has tried to play up their pro civil liberties credentials – but their CCTV agenda was spelt out in the 2007 Strategy.

Isn’t it rude to stare? Is the UK surveillance-mad or just mad?


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No CCTV’s mottos/catchprases are:
– Better community reduces crime, technology does not.
– It’s rude to stare.