Roger Walker

Graduate Research Chemist who has also worked as a Medical Biochemist in the NHS and Medical educator and lecturer for the Pharmaceutical Industries.

Currently working  as an Enlightened Master Cognition, Meditator and Qi Gong therapist who also practises Tai Chi.


Talks are in the arena of Consciousness, Creativity, Spirituality and Cognition, essentially how and why the Human Mind works as a cognitive engine. I have also been counselling those misdiagnosed by Psychiatrists and help remove their “symptom” labels.

Work is essentially that of a cognitive therapist and Spiritual Alchemist who is constantly refining techniques to help others reach self-realisation. Happily, I do not work alone.

Roger’s current talk “The Reason for it All” is spawned as a taster combining the cogs of cognition and human emotions explained neurologically and endocrinologically and our connection to the spiritual domain Electro-magnetically. I am currently finishing a full working model of human cognitive function to explain All human behavioural interactions.

Roger Walker is also available for one-2-one sessions.


    • Matt on January 4, 2013 at 11:22 am

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