Magnus A. L. Mulliner


Magnus’ passion lies in empowering people to improve their whole quality of life by becoming MINDFUL and making the necessary distinctions in their lives.  He achieves this by understanding the unique relationships between people’s environment and lifestyle choices, which play a major factor in their level of wellbeing.  He has an extensive academic background, having taught health & fitness, nutrition, weight management & behaviour modification and advanced training & sports conditioning at Southampton Solent University for over 7 years.  In Aug 2004, he left the great position as Deputy Director of Sport Solent at Southampton Solent University to further his education and passion.

Magnus is a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, a CHEK Level II Holistic Lifestyle Coach and a Neurogistics Certified Practitioner. He can evaluate a persons’ current level of wellbeing, vitality and optimal health by using modifiable coaching foundation principles, pioneering nutritional knowledge, as well as professional external expertise.

Webpage – Putting Your Health First. He guarantees his clients improved vitality and wellbeing if simple HABITS are followed.  He prescribes “Optimum Health – The 10 Habits to Vitality” and adapts these into the lives of his clients.  Magnus has clients from all over the world, whose conditions range from normal health right through to chronic dis-eases (Cancer, CHD, IBS, etc).

Remember, your body has the intrinsic, innate intelligence to truly heal itself.  No one has ever healed anyone of anything, only your body given the right opportunity or ‘menu’ can heal itself.

Live with loving passion