Nick Marchmont


An independent researcher with a lifelong interest in ancient cultures, vanished civilisations and old knowledge.  His Healing History presentations use a wide range of illustrations to cast an engaging and colourful light on the skills of our ancestors.  These presentations aim to investigate, celebrate and propagate the genius of our ancestors, and to encourage a confident and resilient approach to our future.

Celebrate the past, Inform the Present, Embrace the Future


Sacred Geometry

An illustrated introduction to the principles of growth and form


From immune systems to galaxies the cosmos is drawn and bound together by geometry. This presentation uses models, holograms, crystals, illusions and colour to investigate the basic shapes and dimensions that form our world.

We are each made up of billions of centres of vibrating energy, the distribution of this energy is governed by the same geometries that define the cosmos.

This presentation makes use of holograms, illusions, 3d images and exquisite models of geometric form to introduce the shapes that are the basis of manifest creation.

A rollercoaster ride from the dot to hyperspace – no previous experience necessary.



A Human History 60 million years in transition

An illustrated journey from the birth of Earth to the dawn of art, agriculture, temples and cities

This presentation tells of humanity’s most distant past and is a journey from ancient Africa to the brick-lined burial pits of the world’s most ancient cities.

From the first single-celled entities to temples, crops and empires, this is a spectacular and quirky investigation of the history of cooperative effort on planet Earth.

As the story unfolds we encounter a 29000 year old pottery in ice-age Europe, a  megalithic site with 300 carved standing stones that were buried 7000 years before Stonehenge was built, and a temple platform of unknown age that includes the most massive stones ever used by Earthly architects.

The decisions made by our ancestors throughout the ages have resulted in the mind, attitudes and physique of modern humans. This grand tale is at once a vast sweep through history and our own personal story.

It’s history, folks, but not as we know it!


and the birth of modern science

A colourful tale of some of history’s most spectacular edgeworkers.

Banned by emperors, paid by kings,pursued by the inquisition: from before the dawn of history alchemists have explored the edges of the known.

With origins in Egypt and Babylon, alchemy is the story of humankind’s earliest quest to understand and bring into balance the inner and outer worlds.  Before their discovery by modern science, alchemical initiates manifested microscopes, submarines, gunpowder, alchohol, porcelain and much, much more.

Alchemists were the midwives of ideas and methods that were to become the science of our modern age. 2000 years ago, wherever there was an edge there was an alchemist.

This is their story.

The Maya

Their history, culture and calendars

The Maya developed the most accurate calendar in the ancient world and are renowned for their prophecies concerning December 21st 2012.

This workshop is a gentle and widely illustrated introduction to the history of the calendar and its peoples, the nature and meaning of prophecy, and the relevance of this information to individuals living in the modern era.

The workshop is in three parts with refreshments and opportunities for discussion and questions.

An illustrated introduction to the ancient Maya including reference to the role of the mighty civilisation at Teotihuacan, and to the Olmecs and Zapotecs. Each of these societies developed vast ceremonial centres, complex solutions to the challenges of their environment, and spectacular works of art, engineering and high culture.

An introduction to the sacred, solar and prophetic calendars of the Maya, and a brief investigation of  the nature and content of the prophecies.

Your personal Mayan sun sign and application of the calendar to daily life:

The Maya used the word Kin to describe both days and people, and the spirit of their sacred cycle is expressed through the lives of Humanity. The Mayan calendar weaves each individual consciousness into the loom of time, bathing us in the energies of initiation, refinement, transformation and release.

Calendars, Prophecy and the History of Time

A tale of time, space and visions of the ancients

More than 6000 years ago, whilst most early societies were using the moon to ‘lose’ almost 11 whole days each year, the Egyptians were using a solar calendar that was accurate to around 6 hours.

Even after years of interference by priests and Popes, by 1267 Roger Bacon, the finest mind of his age, was describing the calendar as ‘intolerable to all wisdom, the horror of all astronomy, and a laughing stock from a mathematician’s point of view.’


And yet, a thousand years before this, the Maya had perfected the world’s most accurate and inclusive means of measuring time by describing, entirely in numbers, a version of the Earth’s position in space.

And as the Maya knew, when Humans have ancestral links to the land and understand the nature of time… they can prophesy.


Nick’s latest presentation examines why the predynastic Egyptians were so hot at calendars and how it took Rome and Britain additional millennia to acquire the art of telling the time. Also included in this talk is a brief but detailed introduction to the prophetic and sacred calendars of the Maya, and a world of universal fire, elegance and wisdom.