Richard Abbot in Birmingham on 19/02/13


The Future is Female


We will deal with evidence and facts that demonstrate how male-female imbalance has created the world in which we live, and how we are now inevitably moving toward a world where power and authority will be taken more and more by the female. We will then discuss the pros and cons of this and how things will be different in the future.

About Richard

The story began on 28th October 1972.
The following 28 years gave me reason to doubt the value of my life.

If there was a mistake to be made, a wrong turning to take, a mis-judgement to make, I did it. Time and time again I got it wrong in life. So wrong in fact that on more then one occasion I faced Death square on. This is no exageration.

The New Millenium was a turning point and during that year I finally came to some sort of acceptance of me and the world, and began pursuing my life purpose in earnest. Since then I have devoted my time to those who wish to know, and those who wish to learn.

I practise mystic arts and psychic skills, always reaching for the stars from a stable and secure base. I practise and teach divination, personal improvement, psychic and inner development and I have a goal.

I am working toward the day when the nail that sticks out will no longer be knocked down.
I am working toward the day when the genius locked deep within every living human being can be harnessed and put to work.

I  am not interested in conformity or uniformity, and I am interested in change and discovering the way things really are (which is not necessarily how they seem).

I speak from what I know. I do not practice belief, faith or speculation. How do I know? I have investigated and questioned and argued until the point of exhaustion and am satisfied with the answers I have received.

I now live in rural Northamptonshire, occupying my time with various businesses but committing increasingly to The Hermitage Development Centre, established by my teacher Arthur Norris in 1983.

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