David Trimble in Birmingham on 12/02/13

David Trimble

The Great Change – Revelations by the Gods from Space

About David Trimble

David Trimble is a highly experienced lecturer on mind, body, spirit subjects. He has made numerous appearances on radio and TV including Sky News. He is a retired businessman and former High Sheriff of Cumbria. Currently he is the Branch Organiser of The Aetherius Society in Barnsley.


What is really going on in our world?
This talk will explore how prophesies can be changed; introduce you to a startling new prophesy about the Coming of an Avatar and describe what each one of us can do to prepare for the coming of the New Age of Peace and Enlightenment.

Prophecy can change.

Prophecies of doom are made to be broken. Fate is not fixed. Destiny lies in our own hands.

We all have deep within us the Divine potential to rise above materialism, fear, war and suffering, and create a new world of peace, freedom and enlightenment.

In 2012, when some have predicted dire catastrophe, many are turning to ancient writings for answers. In this series of lectures, discover the wisdom given in more recent years by advanced extraterrestrial beings through Dr George King – a spiritual pioneer, humanitarian and visionary centuries ahead of his time.

Dr George King (1919-1997) – master of yoga

Dr George King was one of the most remarkable teachers of practical spirituality the world has ever seen. Through intense practice of the higher forms of yoga – for an average of 8-10 hours a day for about a decade – he was able to enter more and more elevated states of consciousness and became a skilled medium – not only for intelligences on higher planes of this Earth – but also for beings from other planets.

Extraterrestrial intelligences are helping Earth

In 1955 Dr King founded The Aetherius Society – an organisation designed to spread, and act upon, the spiritual message given to Earth by these advanced extraterrestrial intelligences. As wise as they are compassionate, these great beings are doing all that they can to help our world. The Aetherius Society cooperates directly with these intelligences to bring about positive change on Earth.

Aspects of the Great Change

• Greater awareness that all life is one
• More respect for the living Goddess we call Earth
• Science and religion working together in harmony
• More emphasis on selfless Service
• Spiritual Masters with great powers walking openly among us
• The landing of an extraterrestrial spacecraft for all to see

What else you can discover at these lectures on the Great Change

• Secrets of spiritual energy to change your life and the world as a whole
• How global catastrophes can be minimised or even averted
• What beings from other planets are really like – and how to cooperate with them
• How to create the best possible future for yourself and the world by improving your karma
• The little-known true history of humanity – going back to Atlantis, Lemuria and even earlier
• Our future on this Earth and beyond