Michael of Bernicia: The Fraud of “English” History & the Rise of Universal Community Trust and Michael of Elmet: DVLA in Birmingham on Sunday 03/11/13 – 12.30pm Start

michael of Bernicia


Please note: This event will be held at a different venue to our usual Tuesday meeting – The Windermere Club, 110 Wake Green Road, Moseley, B13 9PZ and will start at 12.30pm

Michael of Bernicia

The Fraud of “English” History

& the Rise of Universal Community Trust

In the first half of the talk, Michael will give a highly controversial presentation on the nature of the fraudulent misrepresentation that has been perpetrated against the British people by the Rothschild-controlled academic establishment, in relation to the extraordinary historical records which prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the Islands of Britain were once home to a highly advanced community of indigenous nations, whose peoples lived according to the basic tenets of Natural Law and whose forefathers settled here in freedom, peace and serenity, without conquest.

The second half of the talk will focus upon Michael’s journey of self-realisation, from revoking his consent to be governed in September 2008, to the ratification of the Treaty of Universal Community Trust [UCT] by 26 indigenous micronations on the summer solstice 2012 and the establishment of a Merorandum of Understanding between UCT and Her Majesty’s Government in March 2013.


Michael of Elmet


A ‘turbo-talk’ on the deception at the heart of the DVLA and our Natural Law right to travel freely.

As a prelude, attendees are encouraged to dip into the following thread Notice of Rescission & De-registration to DVLA.

The presentation will be based on Michael of Elmet’s actual experiences, supported by the facts of the matter and will provide, for those with the will to follow it through, practical steps to getting free of the DVLA’s criminal grasp over the once- dominant ‘charioteers’ of these ancient lands.