Kieran Woodhouse in Birmingham on 18/01/22









Kieran Woodhouse

A lifelong interest in anything paranormal, from ghosts to Bigfoot to UFOs, has led Kieran down the path of paranormal investigations. He now spends his spare time investigating haunted locations and occasionally delving into the world of UFOs and conspiracy theories.  Kieran believes that these fields aren’t completely disconnected and can be drawn together if the dots are connected correctly.

Kieran is the author of An Introduction to Paranormal Investigation, as well as Experiences of a Paranormal Investigator. He also hosts the Paranormal Paradigm Podcast & The Collective Conspiracy Show.

Talk Details

An Introduction to Paranormal Investigation – This is based on my first book, where I detail the items of equipment used on investigations and my thoughts and opinions on them, along with plenty of experiences. This was born out of my frustration with the Entertainment Industry and how they have given false expectations on what investigating the paranormal is all about.  I also go into my theory on how the paranormal may be connected to a holographic universe.

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