Ian Jarvis in Birmingham on 05/07/22

We would like to thank Ian for stepping in to give a talk at short notice.

Ian will recap briefly about Bhopal (recall his “open mic” talk) and its disaster and will continue to expand about where his experience there took him, looking through the lens of Corporate Social Responsibility. What is it? Even “IS it”! Can business ever be “green”? He will illustrate this with stories of some of the many examples he has discovered in the past decade or so, catching a glimpse of questions around wealth and inequality.

After the break the focus will switch to the present, particularly in West Midlands, and look at his current focus in the CSR arena, the rollout of “5G”. What is it REALLY about? It certainly isn’t faster broadband for us. Ian is working with several groups in the West Midlands, including his current home in Wolverhampton, and is giving talks to an expanding number elsewhere. He has been threatened by Wolverhampton Council with legal action if he continues to (attempt to) prevent the “upgrade” as they call it.

PS Ian does have a background in IT, as well as practice in body therapy and remedial movement.

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