Gloria Moss PhD FCIPD in Birmingham on 02/07/24

The Big Secret connecting the Great Fire of London, the Great Plague and Present Day events

Einstein advised us to ‘Question Everything’ and so join us for a talk in which so much of what you have been taught about history disappears under scrutiny.   Is it true that the Great Fire started in Pudding Lane, only to spread widely across London?  Is it true that the plague was spread by rats or was some other, more sinister element involved?  And was Christopher Wren, presented to us as Britain’s greatest architect, really the man behind St Paul’s Cathedral and the City churches that we are told sprung up in the wake of the Fire?  And finally, what are to make of the Cestui que Vie Act of 1666, sections of which are still in force today?

Gloria Moss PhD will take you on a whirlwind voyage that will leave you questioning everything that you know and leave you realising that we need to effect vital change over the next two years.  Don’t miss this talk which will change the way that you look at history forever.

Flyer Questioning Science 15-18 Aug 2024 PDF

Questioning Science holiday and conference 15-18 Aug 2024 pdf

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