Cassie and Rich in Birmingham on 18/06/24

Emf protection and water purification pioneers at Oraphim are world renowned Artists, they produce uniquely stunning pendants and pyramids and so much more. Visit them to learn the secrets behind this curious quantum carbon and experience it’s activation.
They provide practical, personal, powerful and proven, top-tips & life changing testimonials to guide, inspire and support your journey through changing times, detoxing and bio-enhancements using Silver Activated Shungite.

With an all natural Shungite body care range they are a One-Stop-Shungite & Shilajit-Shop!

And to top it all off join them for this special event as this also the Launching of their latest book SHUNGITE:Expect Miracles.

And for one last treat to tell you about Rich will be performing his Cymatics Activation Session, with timeless classic poems set to unique frequency tunins he sings and you see the patterns projected as the screen dances with patterns your heart will soar to new heights, so arrive on time so as not to miss this!!!

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