Awake and Aware Holidays: Questioning History 14 – 15 December 2019 High Leigh

Awake and Aware Holidays:

Questioning History  14 – 15 December 2019 High Leigh

Our next event

Fancy a short break in a beautiful environment with speakers that will shape your understanding of the past?  Our next event is a weekend in Hertfordshire, just 30 minutes from London, with some of the best speakers on the circuit discussing questionable histories.  While many events focus on the present-day, we concentrate on the historical past, both near and distant. The dons and mandarins of academia are often constrained by conservative editorial boards but we are free from such restrictions and can look critically at the past without risking status or income.

The remarkable speakers include Mark Devlin asking how the Beatles, those homely boys from Liverpool, could have had such pronounced ties to the Occult.  He also asks, whether the evidence that Paul McCartney was replaced by another in 1966, also has its roots in the Occult.  On the second day, Mark Devlin explores how Electronic Dance Music may have been created as a form of Mind Control.

Best selling author, John Hamer, discusses the history of the Titanic and its extraordinary links to the formation of America’s centralised bank, the Federal Reserve.   On the second day, moreover, he opens up new vistas by questioning the identity of the individual who created Shakespeare’s plays.  Gerry Docherty, for his part, author of the scholarly book ‘The secret origins of the First World War’, reveals the murky underbelly of the Great War, by exposing the way in which it was planned and orchestrated by a small cabal based in London. This former headmaster reveals his devastating evidence with a dispassionate style and then on the second day, offers a fascinating presentation concerning the true story of the British nurse, Edith Cavell.

​​By the end of the weekend, things may never appear the same again

Meet like-minded people

There is also an important social aspect to these events. As we become more aware of what is questionable, it is important to be able to share our insights with others and Awake and Aware events like this facilitate encounters with like-minded individuals.

Gaining knowledge and insights while holidaying

Originally, holidays were ‘Holy days’ where people could gain greater insights into the  mysteries of life.  Now, instead of holidaying on a beach and imbibing information from a guide book, you can mingle with like-minded people and discuss important topics in pleasant locations.

Gifts and presents for Christmas

Books, DVDs and articles by speakers will be available and can be autographed by authors.

Booking is easy

Just click the ‘Booking 14-15 Dec’ section and see our low-cost Early Bird rates.    If you have any questions, simply drop us a line at or call/text us on 0777 1535 087.

Next events

​​Our Spring tour will be to the mysterious Island of Malta, home arguably to Nephilim, human-alien hybrids.

Our summer tour will be to Normandy where we  can learn about Norman propaganda and William’s weak claim to the English throne.


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