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Terry Boardman in Birmingham on 16/01/24

Lines in the Sand: What Led to the Formation of the State of Israel? Without crucial support from the Anglo-American elite, who had geostrategic aims of their own, and without Britain’s declarations of war against Germany and Turkey in 1914, and against Germany in 1939, no State of Israel would have come into existence, no …

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No Truthjuice Birmingham in Birmingham on 02/01/24

There is no Truthjuice Birmingham tonight (2nd January 2024). We would like to wish you all a year filled with love, health, wealth and happiness.

Truthjuice 13th anniversary / Christmas get together in Birmingham on 05/12/23

Truthjuice Birmingham 13th Anniversary Party Tonight will be the 13th Anniversary of Truthjuice Birmingham,  a bit later than usual so we are combining it with a Christmas get together.  It will also be the last truthjuice of 2023, and we are celebrating by having a get together where you can chat with like minded people, …

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