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Richard Abbot in Birmingham on 19/02/13

The Future is Female   We will deal with evidence and facts that demonstrate how male-female imbalance has created the world in which we live, and how we are now inevitably moving toward a world where power and authority will be taken more and more by the female. We will then discuss the pros and …

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David Trimble in Birmingham on 12/02/13

The Great Change – Revelations by the Gods from Space About David Trimble David Trimble is a highly experienced lecturer on mind, body, spirit subjects. He has made numerous appearances on radio and TV including Sky News. He is a retired businessman and former High Sheriff of Cumbria. Currently he is the Branch Organiser of …

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Clive Decarle in Birmingham on 05/02/13

Clive Decarle Part 2 The fountain of youth…It’s here now. (and almost no one knows) An evening to lengthen your life and extend your possibilities. New health knowledge your doctor wasn’t taught and the medical schools don’t yet teach Cutting edge technology that reverses cellular aging, rejuvenates the body and ends pain Life saving breakthrough …

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