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Truthjuice Dave in Hull on 13/03/13 – DATE CHANGE

PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE NOW 13/03/13 QUESTIONING ‘AUTHORITY Tonight’s speaker has gained vast experience with questioning authority in many different ways. Please come along to learn how you too can question ‘authority’! Truth Juice Dave has been challenging the so called authorities since he has come across this information, just to see and test if …

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Clive Decarle in Leicester on 04/02/13

  Want to reverse disease? Want to find out how people are recovering their health after years of suffering? How people are recovering their sight? Would you like to learn how you can feel so much better and more energetic than you do now? Would you like a more agile mind and sharper memory? Would …

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Ian R Crane in Birmingham on 19/03/13

F*ck the Poor & F*ck the Planet! It’s a Fracking NIGHTMARE This Event is Subsidised by Truth Juice, Birmingham There is a global awakening to the terrible reality that the world is dancing a tango with the devil on the precipice of economic collapse and impending global war, blindly ignorant of the fracking nightmare of environmental depredation caused …

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