Andrew Johnson in Birmingham on 07/11/23

Expanding Consciousness, Enlarging Reality

In this presentation, we will try to consider the nature of consciousness and its fundamental importance. We will consider evidence that our consciousness does not always reside in the physical body – considering the testimony of people who have had near-death experiences. What is the meaning of these experiences? Can an understanding or knowledge of them “expand our reality”?

We will look at some cases of the “idiot savant” syndrome – “the foolish
wise ones” – who are able to automatically perform great mental feats.

Looking at the research of people like Rick Strassman, Graham Hancock, Anthony Peake and Dr Gary Schwartz. We will also consider people’s other experiences of altered or expanded consciousness and how there seems to be an effort, in organised western cultures to discourage or prevent us from experiencing these altered states of consciousness.

We will also consider how the study of “alternative knowledge” about lost civilisations, aliens and ETs, 9/11 and so on seems to be part and parcel of expanding our consciousness.

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