TruthJuice Gathering 2013 – Nick Marchmont

nick-marchmont2-pic-630x250Ceremony, Healing and the End of a World Age

History, geometry, alchemy and a technology for individual change

For thousands of years, humankind has heard tales of ancient visitors, of giants and exiles, sudden civilisations and a slave race.

Nick’s latest talk touches on many of the stories of creator gods, genetic manipulation, and entities that walked and built on Earth many millennia ago.

It is suggested that the panoply of woes that seem currently to characterise life on Earth stem directly from aspects of this hidden history and that humankind has been demonstrably enfeebled by the process.

By way of solution, the heart of this presentation concerns a ceremonial means of re-strengthening permanently aspects of the human energetic system through interaction with fire, crystals and geometric form.

about Nick

As well as being a firm favourite at TruthJuice, Nick is an independent researcher with a lifelong interest in ancient cultures, vanished civilisations and old knowledge.

His Healing History presentations cast an engaging and colourful light on the skills of our ancestors.

From the birth of Earth to the age of prophecy, Nick makes clear connections between the genius of earlier ages and contemporary ideas, whilst questioning modern interpretations of humanity’s past.

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