The Workers Revolutionary Party in Hull on 16/05/18



1. Bringing down the Tory government and for a workers government and Socialism

2. An end to tuition fees and restore free state education

3. No more Grenfells. Restore council housing and drive out the property privateers

4. No immigration control. Refugees and Immigrants should be allowed into the UK and helped to build a new life

5. Brexit-leave the EU without any Customs Union or single market. Don’t pay the EU a penny to leave, instead a Socialist United State of Europe

6. Full support for the NHS. Keep out private health companies and restore all services in house. Increase pay for health workers by at least 15%

7. Full support for Palestine-down with Zionism. For one secular Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital where Jews, Arabs, Muslims and Christians can once again live together in peace

8. Victory to Syrian government and no imperialist intervention. End all imperialist wars

9. For world socialist revolution!

Hope to see you on the evening

Please share and bring a friend

Truth Juice Hull Team : )

Venue: Walton Street Club, Walton Street, HULL, HU3 6JR / START TIME 7.30PM

£5 Waged/ £3 Un-Waged / Donation / or whatever you can manage even if that is nothing.

Truth Juice Hull is NON-PROFIT making supporting local charities and the venue is FREE.

Lack of money will never be an issue with attending the talks. (CONTACT TJ HULL AND BE ADDED TO THE MAILING LIST)

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