The History of 9/11 in Hull on 05/09/18


Truth Juice Hull Presents ‘The History of 9/11’

The history of 9/11, despite 17 years, leaves a number of unanswered questions. Every well brought up person’s instinct is to accept the official story. But official answers to those questions are often inadequate or questionable in themselves. When one investigates the official story, it is quite remarkable how every major part of it can be assessed as probably being untrue. There are major implications from this. Tonight we will look at the evidence and weigh up what likely really happened. What fits the facts?

Venue: Walton Street Club, Walton Street, HULL, HU3 6JR / START TIME 7.30PM

£5 Waged/ £3 Un-Waged / Donation / or whatever you can manage even if that is nothing.

Truth Juice Hull is NON-PROFIT making supporting local charities and the venue is FREE.

Lack of money will never be an issue with attending the talks. (CONTACT TJ HULL AND BE ADDED TO THE MAILING LIST)

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