Robert – The Observation Deck in Birmingham on 05/11/19

Robert of the Observation Deck


I have been a psychologist, hypnotist and expert in NLP for over 30+ years. Lectured around the world on UFO’s abductions History and psychology. Worked with the MOD on the power of persuasion (yes for my sins that happened) and demonstrated the power of persuasion to UK generals and Navy Admirals (they still could not figure out how it was done) and no I did not tell them.

 Have worked with Nick Pope, David Icke, Stanton Freeman, Bud Hopkins and many others. wrote for UFO Reality Magazine  Investigated the British MOD and UFO’s on Salisbury Plain (Nightmare on Salisbury Plain) while working for UFO Reality many years ago.

 Worked and became friends with the Actress Shirley MacLaine who came with me to Mexico to interview abductees and examine evidence of ET visitation using UV light on the skin of contactees (this shows up sub dermal implants btw.

 Has worked in the corporate sector for over 15 years as a leadership psychologists and senior training manager for a few well known blue-chip corporations.

 Left the “rat-race” about five years ago to peruse a life outside the system and writes, produces and researches everything for my YT channels Observation Deck & Third IQ.


Novembers’ talk will be split into two parts:

 The first will discuss historical cover ups or just plain lazy research on the part of the established dogma and may jump into why Darwin’s theory does not hold water.

 The second part of the evening will discuss how we are manipulated, using psychology, subliminal persuasion and I may even demonstrate (in an entertaining manner) how this is done if you’re brave enough to join me on stage!

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