Matthew Williams in Birmingham on 07/11/17

Matthew Williams discusses his involvement with making crop circles and how he believes that man circles attract paranormal phenomena and that circlemakers have been guided to certain locations and to do specific designs by some unknown paranormal force.

Matts UFO CV

Always had an interest in UFOs and paranormal owning books on the subject but never fully believing in anything.

1991 Saw UFO driving over lonely mountain road – started life as a UFO investigator.

1992 Explored the crop circles and tried making some basic designs.

1993 Visited RAF Rudloe Manor, the secret UFO investigations base and had guns pointed at head

1994 Consultant for UFO Magazine and writer for UFO reality and Alien Encounters

                Resident UFO specialist doing reports for “The Why Files” on LiveTV (cable tv)

1995 Uncovered UFO documents at the public records office confirming role of RAF Rudloe Manor and DI55 DSTI AI4b 5a in UFO investigations. Document was pulled from view until Parliamentary scandal that MPs had been lied to about disappearance of this document was exposed and the file was returned.  Documents proved that UFOs were being delat with at a higher interest level than Nick Popes position and were being investigated with RAF Officers visiting witnesses.

2000 First person to be arrested after making crop circles

Has been working ever since to convince people that crop circles made by people are seen as “The real thing” and have associated paranormal effects including sightings of UFOs and Balls of Light which some people claim to have seen making circles we know to be man made. I have been working with crop circle researchers to understand this unusual mechanism.

Has appeared in numerous documentaries, tv shows, radio  shows and lectures all over the world on the subjects of UFOs and crop circles.

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