Kurly Marwaha in Birmingham on 03/07/18


Kurly Marwaha is an accomplished Feng Shui Master who is respected for bringing a fresh educational style approach, which teaches and supports clients with the implementation of Feng Shui, through to achieving tangible results.

Kurly began her journey with Feng Shui 23 years ago and has apprenticed alongside masters to gain experience of successful applications and activations of Feng Shui. She is RCFSI (Feng Shui Institute, UK). She came to Feng Shui when she was in need of healing in her own body having experienced extreme debilitating symptoms throughout her childhood, and having tried orthodox medicine, alternative therapies and many ‘woowoo’ approaches. Feng Shui brought together years of study and gave her tangible results orientated method that not only healed her body, but also started her achieving goals that she would otherwise have considered impossible, across all areas of her life.

She has since professionally worked with many and diverse clients to help them achieve an equally varied range of goals and results for themselves personally, professionally and organisationally.

Kurly has not only taken ‘simple’ Feng Shui systems to mastery level, she has mastered those systems that are considered elite by the most experienced in the field. Kurly coaches other consultants who are learning or working to build their experience in Feng Shui as professionals.

Kurly is passionate about taking the mystery or ‘woohoo’ out of Feng Shui to bring it to people so they understand it is an ancient science that will empower the Feng Shui of the buildings that they spend time in, whether it is their homes or commercial work spaces. Kurly’s speciality is to bring together energy work that powers up really powerful results – she does that by working with people and their energy, as much as the energy of buildings or environments.

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