James Gordon Graham in Birmingham on 27/02/18



‘Finally someone is giving you real answers” James goes deeply into the Hidden Knowledge of the Elite through a ʻcut the crapʼ approach to understanding how the Elite operate from business & finance to the hidden multidimensional realms. Importantly, you will learn techniques and information that will enable you to obtain a multidimensional perspective that could change your life. His talk includes a number of World Firsts and compellingly gives you real answers as to how we can turn round our global situation. Ultimately he will show you the real evolutionary growth of your consciousness.

Depending on time and questions, James will cover:


  • Who are the Elite and the way the bloodlines keep control

  • The real cause of war and how to stop it

  • How the elite are involved in the evolution of our consciousness

  • Reclaiming multidimensional Science.

  • How to legally free yourself from the system.

  • Why Tantric Sexuality is such a key to understand

Jamesʼ talk will show you the only solution we have to turn round our global situation and plant seeds for a positive future.


James Gordon Graham, BA (Hons), MSc. is an Entrepreneur & Filmmaker. With a background in Engineering, Design & IT, he became the founder and CEO of a software company (BSoftB) which helped to create part of the early Internet – APPS in the cloud. He subsequently met many of the financial Elite during an IPO listing process within the City of London.

He has won numerous business awards including the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the Manchester Evening News Best Prospect award.

Since leaving his software company, he has travelled the world for 21 years learning from many thought leaders and shaman who taught him about moving his consciousness into the multidimensions – something that could save you a lot of travelling.

His TV show ʻUnleashing Creativityʼ was broadcast on the TPV, the first ever live internet TV channel and he has done a number of talks around the world. He is currently working on the production of high quality on-line courses that can show you how the Elite work, our conscious evolution and how you can access multidimensional knowledge.

For more about James, unique and compelling work go to www.multidimensionalcreatives.com

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