In 2 Infinity in Birmingham on 01/08/17

In 2 Infinity Talk: The Atom and the Aether

Light is said to travel as both a wave and a particle. This dual behaviour has led modern science into a divided mindset. The laws of quantumphysics appear to act completely differently from those we experience every day. Suddenly, particles can travel backwards in time, become entangled and appear simultaneously in two places at once. All of this magic appears in a realm far beyond the power of our senses perceive. We infer what we believe on the basis of what we believe is true. Yet could it be that the fundamental assumptions of quantum physics is at its root completely flawed?

When we first began to discover electricity, scientists showed that it is constructed from waves of energy. The electromagnetic spectrum was formulated into frequency of oscillations onto which visible light appears. However, what was missing was the medium through which these waves could be transmitted. Scientist then began to search for something they called, the ‘Aether’ that would act like the water, needed to transport a wave of energy. They failed.

It was Albert Einstein who first considered the idea that light could be a photon, which would not need an Aether to travel through. Photons are defined as ‘Massless’ particles that travel as the speed of light. It was just after this that the famous equation e=mc², was created that linked matter to energy. Yet no one stopped to ask, “If all matter (mass) is energy, then how can a photon made of energy be massless?”

This photon gave birth to a whole branch of science termed ‘particle physics’ that has become the major focus of intellectual investigation, culminating in the large hadron collider, and consuming vast amounts of public expenditure. Yet, despite claims of discovering the God Particle, nothing of concreate value has been generated by this rather expensive endeavour.
We are no closer to deciphering the riddle of gravity, or coming closer to official reconciling humanities energy problems. Current ‘fixed’ law of physics preclude the existence of a perpetual motion device. But what if they were all wrong?

The dogmatic views held by some scientists have done much to limit public opinion. They report scientific results as ‘absolute truth’, and then mix it with fictional stories about the ‘nature of other dimensions’ and ‘how the universe began’. We are left with a hollow picture of reality that lacks wisdom and vision.

Once we look at the scientific data and understand ‘how it is measured’, the wool over our eyes begins to evaporate. The many flaws of quantum Thero are cover over by the myriad of complex terminologies used by academia to cover it weaknesses. Empowered with a simple metaphysical model of reality, people can begin to challenge the view of the scientific community.

In this presentation, we explain the current scientific paradigm, outlining the fundamental tenants and flaws with the theory of quantum physics. We explore the outcome of scientific data through the context of Metaphysics and Sacred Geometry. The conclusion is a mind-blowing revelation that holds deep revelations, and reintroduces spiritual concepts to the world of science and logic.

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