David Adelman in Birmingham on 18/06/19

“School – No Place for Children”

A dynamic talk about how school holds us all back and how we can reclaim the power and potential to live a life more of our own making and allow our children to do the same.

Do you have the uncomfortable feeling that life is not all it could be? Have you ever thought about the role your schooling has played in all this? Do your children complain about not being happy at school or not even wanting to go at all? They have good reason.

This talk is a wake-up call to all those of us who have been held back by our schooling, how we can only put it behind us by first facing up to it and how we can help our children and grandchildren avoid the same pitfalls. Their very future survival might even depend on it.

About the author

A ‘glittering’ school and university record led the author to qualify as a lawyer. It also left him shattered and empty inside with a diagnosis aged 23 of a potentially lifelong disease. After quitting the rat race still in his twenties he embarked upon redefining his own life, leading to many years in various teaching environments both here and abroad. This opened his eyes to the full extent of the educational problem. Above all, it laid bare how controlled we all are and how the system suppresses individual growth. He was impelled to author a now widely acclaimed book “School – No Place for Children”, first released in 2018. The talk by the same title is of course inspired by the book.

David is now not just a man with a book, but a man with a mission: to get a vital message across to all those ready to hear it and help prevent unnecessary suffering for future generations.






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