Conscious Tribal Gathering 2017 in North Wales on 27/07/17

A not for profit, family friendly event to connect with like minded souls and explore the inner and outer spaces of our human existence and beyond.

Respecting respectful freedom of choice in this ever increasingly controlled world.

Holding up Tolerance, Compassion, Altruism and Unconditional Love as key components of our being.

Being conscious that we are all on our own individual path and each have something unique to share with the tribe.

As a family event, we hope that you can respect an ultra chilled vibe with no excessive drinking and accept that smoking is strongly discouraged in enclosed areas and around food zones.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Special consideration for fellow campers, our hosts and neighbours:

Due to the acoustics of the valley and near neighbours, our event has evolved into an ultra chilled vibe…We have talks and music going into in the evenings and drumming in the day yet we are in a field and love our neighbours! Song quietly after 11pm and whisper on your way home, the fun starts again…possibly with dancing at dawn!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Children are the responsibility of their parents/guardians at ALL times. Please take particular care around the river side.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Dogs MUST be on leads and cleaned up after promptly. Some seem to feel this doesn’t apply to them. Alas we must be stringent on this as its a stipulation of our host for use of the land. Please see T&C’s on website for more detail on this.

As a not for profit gathering, any unexpected surplus in fiat tokens will be invested into the land and future events.

This is not a Truthjuice Event

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