Darren Deojee in Birmingham on 17/07/18

Healing the Connection with the Ancestors (and the Positive Masculine)

If you ask Native Americans where the ancestors are, they’ll say in the rocks and the trees. Most westerners go ‘huh?!’ to this! In fact, they view disconnection with the ancestors as one of the 4 great disconnections in the Western peoples. Sort that out today.and no, I won’t be connecting you with the rocks and the trees… not at this venue!

And, at the same time, we’ll sort out any deep wounds about the masculine and men you may have. So many men and women have judged ALL men by the deeds of just some…. But what are men good for? There are so many ashamed and embarrassed men, cowed by cultural shaming of mens sexual capacity, or their anger mastery, or because their dad was deeply wounded and took it out on or away from them… Bypass that in this ancestral healing session and connect with the Bubbliing Pool of Goodwill and Generosity that IS the Spirit of Man…

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