Chris Deojee in Birmingham on 14/03/17

Multidimensional Parasites and the War for the World

All parasites work the same way: they trick a host into thinking ‘it’ (the parasite) is ‘them’ (the host: you). This way, a parasite gets what it wants and the host can’t work out why it keeps having certain ‘hungers’ or why the body, mind, emotions, aren’t behaving as they intend, or why their energy levels or resources aren’t what they ‘should’ be. Most of us make the error of comparing physical size with Power/Influence, yet look at how tiny viruses can make us very sick, bed-bound, or even kill us. Parasites come in many forms, and their hungers are diverse. Some are well-known ‘worms’ or protozoa; but others are much more sophisticated, far less worm-like, and some even questionably native. The WHO estimates nearly 3 BILLION people currently carry common parasites that come from soil… Surprised? Well that doesn’t count air, water or space borne parasites, nor any multidimensional ones. This talk uses everyday parasitic examples and evidence to highlight a more insidious kind : scientifically acknowledged ‘mind controlling’ parasites. This talk points to the same aged struggle for identity, energy, power and purpose as the Natives and Toltecs who warned us of the ‘Wetiko’ and ‘The Flyers’ and how to tackle them, as well as to other parasitic influences from the physical, to the disincarnate, to the demonic. In this talk, we’ll look at the problem, but also the solution: from simple nutritional aids and mental re-alignment methods or ‘hacks’ to win the battle for your health and Personal Power. Reclaim your body, and mind, from any hidden, truly alien, invaders. This is War of the Worlds at the tiniest levels or microcosmic levels. The stakes are no less though – your life, well-being, power and freedom.

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