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Scott Tips in Birmingham on 28/03/17

Trump and our Health Freedom Prospects? Talk details to follow.   Scott C Tips, JD Scott has been president of the NHF since 2007. A California-licensed attorney, he has specialized in food-and-drug law and trademark law, but also engages in business litigation, general business law, and nonprofit organizations, with an international clientele. Since 1989, Scott …

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John Hamer in Birmingham on 25/04/17

Behind the Curtain The Corrupt World Financial System – and how to bypass it! John Hamer  John Hamer is the author of several best-selling books, including ‘The Falsification of History,’ ‘RMS Olympic,’ ‘Titanic’s Last Secret’ and his latest work, an exposé of the utterly fraudulent worldwide, banking system and the psychopaths who control it, ‘Behind …

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Chris Deojee in Birmingham on 14/03/17

Multidimensional Parasites and the War for the World All parasites work the same way: they trick a host into thinking ‘it’ (the parasite) is ‘them’ (the host: you). This way, a parasite gets what it wants and the host can’t work out why it keeps having certain ‘hungers’ or why the body, mind, emotions, aren’t …

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Roger Walker in Birmingham on 31/01/17

Psychology and spirituality Roger was originally a graduate research chemist who worked at British Gas who went on to work as a medical biochemist in the NHS.  Having studied the physical of life he then studied psychology whilst working as a medical educator and lecturer for the Pharmaceutical industries. He currently works producing and selling …

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Terry Boardman in Birmingham on 28/02/17

The Options for Britain: Twofold Disasters, Threefold Solutions.  – “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. 1) THE PAST: Brexit is on its way, but Britain’s declaration of independence will not be complete till we have declared independence from our former colony, the USA  – our actual master. What prevents us from declaring this …

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Sandy Newbigging in Birmingham on 09/05/17

 Calm Cure: The Unexpected Way to Improve Your Health, Your Life and Your World Do you have a health, money, relationship or career problem that just won’t go away? Sandy returns to TruthJuice to talk about his brand new book called Calm Cure. He will share that most of us are so preoccupied with trying to deal …

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Pippa King in Birmingham on 11/04/17

Biometrics, RFID, Big Data & the ‘Internet of Things ‘Sleepwalking into a Surveillance State For the past decade Pippa King has been at the forefront of the resistance against the use of Biometrics and RFID monitoring in schools and colleges. Through the prolific use of Freedom of Information Requests (FOIR’s), Pippa has been able to …

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Shafaqat Khan in Birmingham on 17/01/17

SECRETS OF LONGEVITY..Simple health habits for optimal well-being… encompassing mind body and soul.. taken from Ayurvedic, Chinese, Western Herbology and Prophetic medicine.. secrets of longevity from wealth of experience taken from hundreds of case studies at my established Naturopathic Health Clinic..Shifa Herbs HERBAL MEDICINE CLINIC For further information please visit the website:

Open Mic Night in Birmingham on 03/01/17

Tonight will be an Open Mic Night / an opportunity to catch up with friends and listen to talks. Talk slots are 20-30 minutes feel free to have the mic, if you have a topic you would like to speak about either let Claire or Andy know or email us at: We look forward …

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Dr Rock in Hull on 11/01/17

Consent and Responsibility- Holding ‘authority’ to account. It is recognised by Government and by the law that the men and women of the United Kingdom are governed by consent. This presentation examines where and how consent is given, and some of the techniques that have been successfully used to withdraw such consent. Dr Rock is …

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No Truthjuice Birmingham on 20th December 2016

There will be no Truthjuice Birmingham on 20th December 2016, we will return on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 – Speaker to be confirmed. We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2017.  

Carl James in Birmingham on 14/02/17

  “Disney Darkside” – A Talk by Carl James Disney is synonymous with wholesome values, memorable stories and films that will put a smile on the faces of all the family. But is there something far more sinister lurking beneath the surface of the “House of Mouse”? In this presentation, alternative knowledge researcher and author …

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Louise Castro in Hull on 16/11/16

Truth Juice Hull Presents Louise Castro: All About Fracking! Our tale is set in a microcosm that reflects hundreds of thousands of microcosms all over the world, community microcosms that have been decimated by on-shore drilling and just because the drilling rig is not in your backyard please do not think you will not be …

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Mark Ceylon in Birmingham on 08/11/16

Mark Ceylon ON Debts & how to deal with them, including template letters. Plus are there cures for everything? Two talks in one dealing with debt in the first half and alternative cures for cancer and other dis-ease in the latter part of the evening. Useful and practical information regarding true wealth and health.

Mark Ceylon in Hull on 30/11/16

Truth Juice Hull Presents Mark Ceylon Mark Ceylon ON Debts & how to deal with them, including template letters. Plus are there cures for everything? Two talks in one dealing with debt in the first half and cures for cancer in the latter part of the evening. Useful and practical information regarding true wealth …

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